What Is Glamping?

Glamping, which is the short form of glamorous camping, is the latest trend in camping and is a way of experiencing the unique destinations of the world without sacrificing any creature comforts. It is a way of being adventurous like climbing a mountain or diving into the sea.

Though the concept of glamping is still new, it dates back to 1100s, and it has gone through many years of revolution and transformation until today.

The History of Glamping

Glamping was started by the Mongolian tribes in the 1100s that lived in yurts under the reign of Genghis Khan. They protected them from the strong winds and was their home as they moved from one place to another.
In the sixteenth century, the Scottish Duke of Atholi constructed a fantastic glamping experience in the Highlands during the visit of King James V and his mother. He made luxurious tents and filled them with all the supplies of his palace.

According to Professor Nurhan Atasoy, around the same time in the history of glamping, the Ottomans had palatial tents transported from one military mission to the other, and the work of erecting these tents was done by artisans who had to travel with the army men.

“The beautiful ornaments used the Ottoman Sultans both the inside and outside of the tents made the place suitable for a ruler or emperor. The tents were used for theatrical setting during ceremonies. These tents were beautifully decorated like pavilions and had designs resembling tiled tents taking the shapes of floral patterns tailored with clothing of various colors using silk and metal thread,” Said professor Nurhan Atasoy.

The concept of glamping took a turn of revolution when wealthy Americans and Europeans wanted to feel a taste of luxury while camping in Africa in 1900s. While in camp, they stayed in safari tents that were well furnished with beautiful pieces of furniture and luxurious beddings. The visitors were happy to keep the sensual nature of their homes while on travel.

The Modern Idea of Glamping

It was after a hundred years later when the concept of glamping was used for holidays all over the world. Currently, glamping involves the experience of camping, enjoying nature and the luxury of home comforts without the essence of constructing a tent and living like the caveman the traditional way of camping. Instead, festival organizers offer glamping. With glamping, the adventures are endless; it’s ecologically friendly and experiences beautiful and unforgettable nature. You are assured of the best accommodation experiences which include cabins, villas, tents, tree houses, and lodges.