Planning on doing some RV tailgating soon?  As you walk through the parking lot to your favorite sporting and music events, do you ever wish you could join in on the food and fun of a tailgate party? Here are some RV tailgating tips you need to know about, and why it’s high time you gained your own fame as a first-rate parking lot chef.

It may feel like your RV has absolutely everything you need at all times, but throwing a pop-up party for friends and family requires a few extra items. Keep a RV tailgating checklist and supplies in your RV, including items like coolers, ice, disposable plates, trash bags and others, so you’re never stuck running to the store at the last minute.

RV Tailgaters Like to Break Out the Grill

By an overwhelming majority (90 percent), tailgating chefs include some type of grilled specialties on their menus.

From seafood to burgers and veggie kabobs, grilling adds its own special flavor to parking lot cuisine. Be sure you know the regulations at your destination venue before you go. Not all stadiums and ballparks allow charcoal fires, so you may need to pack the propane grill.

RV Tailgating Grill

Grilling outdoors can keep a lot of the tailgating mess out of your RV, so you still have a comfortable and clean place to sleep at night. Clean your grill and make sure you have all of the proper tools to cook a large amount of food.  Allow clean up time before the events starts so after the game you will be ready to leave the parking lot. Don’t forget to keep a portable fire extinguisher near your grill at all times.

Do What You Can at Home

Preparing and cooking items at home can save you time and energy when it comes time to the tailgate. You won’t get to enjoy much of your party if you’re cooking and preparing every part of your tailgate meal while the event is happening. Form your burger patties, thread skewers, slice vegetables, make pasta salads, bake desserts and mix large batches of drinks before you head to the event, and you’ll enjoy a stress-free tailgating experience when you arrive.

Use Plastic Bins and Individual Cups

RV Tailgating Tips - Disposable plates, utensils, and cups

This is a simple but often overlooked RV tailgating hack. Most likely, you’ll be using mostly disposable paper plates, but you may also have a few reusable dishes, serving bowls, and utensils that need to be washed back at home. In the meantime, a standard plastic bin is a great storage space for the dirty pans and plates. Help guests to keep track of their drink in a sea of cups. When stocking up on disposable dishes, pick up a few different colors of cups for guests to choose from, and keep a permanent marker on hand so that guests can write their name on theirs.

RV Tailgaters Are Repeat Party People

The tailgating craze, for many RV tailgating enthusiasts, means setting up the mobile kitchen six more times each sports season. Once you’ve been bitten by the tailgating bug, it’s hard to leave the party at home. The ease of traveling by RV makes it even more attractive to tailgate at events far from home.

Tailgating Ramps up Team Spirit

With a little creativity, tailgating menus can wave the banner for teams, drivers and individual players.

Create a burger in honor of this year’s MVP, or incorporate race team colors in desserts, salads and appetizers to ramp up your crowd’s team spirit. Help the crew get ready for the big game with team-themed hoagies, dips and drinks.

RV Tailgating - Fun Activities

RV Kitchens Make Tailgating Easy

It’s one thing to drag the grill out of the minivan and start flipping burgers in the parking lot. It’s a whole different level of tailgating to prep, cook and serve in the convenience of an RV kitchen. Today’s recreational vehicles are designed for convenience on the road, and tailgating is no exception. Take advantage of the easy storage, preparation, refrigerator, sink, and easy clean-up offered by the kitchen in your RV.

Tailgate Menus Reflect Each Chef’s Style

RV Tailgating - BBQ

RV tailgating chefs break out their best by creating menus that reflect their unique styles. Check out what’s being served in the parking lot at the next ballgame and you’ll find hot dogs, fish tacos, grilled steak or ribs, BBQ chicken, and hamburger sliders. And we haven’t even mentioned desserts—there are nearly unlimited ways to honor the team and your favorite fans’ appetites with treats like cupcakes, mini fruit pies, cheesecakes, fruit smoothies and extravagant brownie creations. Keep it easy to serve and easy to eat, and you’ll score a big win with your parking lot feast.

RVs Make Tailgating Affordable and Fun

Fully equipped kitchens, sleeping areas, restroom facilities and dining spaces mean tailgaters can enjoy self-contained travel and convenience as well as first-class tailgate cooking facilities.

As we wrap up the football season, it’s time to start planning next season’s menus! Whether the next event you’ll attend is Cactus League spring training or your daughter’s soccer game, RV tailgating can make it more memorable.

An RV is the perfect place to tailgate. The convenience of having comfortable seating, a full kitchen, a bathroom and an awning for outdoor sun protection simply makes the tailgating experience more enjoyable. Use these tailgating tips at the next game, concert or race you visit in your RV and you’re guaranteed to have the best tailgating experience yet.

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