GasBuddy App Review

Who doesn’t want to save money on gas?  With the GasBuddy app, by spending a quick minute or two you will be able to locate gas prices at several gas stations within your vicinity.  You can search gas prices by a list view or map view.  You can search by city, zip code, or your GPS location.  One quick glance using the GasBuddy app and you will determine the cheapest gas price per gallon near you.

As an RV owner, saving 30 cents a gallon by driving an extra ¼ mile and filling up your tank can save you several dollars.  This is definitely worth the time.  Over the course of a year with all of the mileage you put on your RV or automobile, the savings can quickly add up.  With GasBuddy, the app provides a solution to eliminate driving around endlessly to find the cheapest gas.

On the Open Highway

Driving on an unfamiliar highway can be daunting not knowing the local area and gas station locations.  GasBuddy will provide you with a map view of the gas stations and prices along the upcoming highway you are driving on.  Many times, the gas prices at the stations right off of the freeway tend to be higher because of convenience and location.  By knowing the lower gas price of a station a block away will save you time and money.

With one glance you will be determine the price per gallon of the different grades of gas your coach uses.  The app also provides you with the price spread of gas based on the gas stations near you.  A sample spread on my app showed a spread of 68 cents with the lowest gas price of $3.31 and highest gas price of $3.99.  Knowing my luck, without this app I probably would have filled up at the $3.99 station losing out the potential savings of the lower price down the street.

Directions to Gas Stations

Based on the list or map view of gas stations, one touch of the station icon takes to you a map where you can get directions to your selected station.  After you select your gas station, the app provides other useful information such as prices of different grades of gas, station hours, amenities (C-store, air, ATM, etc,).  The app also provides the gas station rating if you care to know.

How Gas Prices are reported

The app relies on users to confirm gas prices.  The gas price will reflect when the last reported price was submitted (10 minutes ago, 14 hours ago, etc.).  Based on reviews of several websites, some reviews reported incorrect gas prices.  My review of gas prices on GasBuddy has been for most part a very accurate reporting of gas prices.

How to get GasBuddy

You can use GasBuddy on your laptop or PC.  The best way to use GasBuddy is to download their free app to your cellular phone.  Their phone app is available for both Android and iOS devices.  Having the app on your phone makes it easy to use anywhere.

Why get GasBuddy?

  • Easy to use with simple, easy to understand navigation.
  • Saves you money on gas.
  • Great for cross country trips.
  • Free app (Has ads but just like any other free app, you can just ignore).
  • Saves you gas by not driving around to locate the cheapest gas.
  • Works in the entire United States

Hope this app review helps you out.  The app is highly useful and can save you money on gas prices.  Considering it is a free app, why wouldn’t you download this app to your phone.  Based on the Average Joe Camper review, the GasBuddy app scores a 9.0,