All Facts on Free Overnight Camping At WalMart

Do you know you can do free overnight camping at Walmart? Well, apart from being an ideal site for camping enthusiasts to shop, the place has been a top secret for those individuals who love overnight camping.  Most Walmart locations all over the country allow campers to stop over and spend the night at their parking lots free. You can look for the state to state directories for these locations online and find a place near to you.  It is best to walk into the store and ask to speak to the store manager; let them know you are planning on parking your RV overnight.

You should consider the following things when pulling up at a WalMart campsite.  It will be dry camping – on that note; there will be no water, electricity or dump stations while you are at Walmart. You will have to look up for dump stations in a different location.  Ensure you park in the spaces allocated for RV parking, or you will end up being awoken by a security guard in the middle of the night.

After spending the night, RVer’s should ensure the campsite is clean not only in Walmart parking lots but also in resorts and other camping locations. You should also leave very early in the morning.  It is always ideal to park away from the entrance of the store where shoppers always have the priority. Though the parking is free, you should show support for Walmart by buying a protein shake and sundries in the morning just to show how the RV-camping community is incredible.  However, there are over 900 WalMart stores that prohibit overnight RV camping. It only represents 23 percent of all the available WalMart stores all over the United States of America.

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Why Choose WalMart For Overnight Camping?

First of all, it is Free.  Many Walmart stores operate 24 hours, and the parking lot space is large to accommodate various RVs at the same time. Walmart is the best place for those individuals who wish to travel for an extended period but do not afford to spend their nights at RV Parks or Camping areas.  Or they are unable to book an RV park site because it is late in the night or there is no vacancy.  It is entirely free to stay overnight. It can sometimes be costly to stay on camp grounds or RV resorts especially if you want to travel full time for the whole year.

You will save between $40 -$80 for an overnight camp instead of staying in an RV park. In addition to that, you can quickly restock your supplies or grab breakfast from the convenience of the store. Besides, when the night travelers park their RVs at the parking lots, they may joined by the homeless who make the parking lots their home.  Remember, safety first.