The Differences between Class C and B RV

Are you confused on choosing the right RV for your vacation vehicle? Worry not; the US Department of Transportation classifies these Recreational Vehicles by class, making it easy for people to pick.

The following are the significant differences between class B and C RVs that will make you choose the best according to your style and preference.

Class B Recreational Vehicles Description

They are also known as van conversions, and they typically look an over-sized van. It is well raised enabling travelers to stand upright while inside the truck.

Apart from that, the raised roof offers additional space to add more items like cupboards or entertainment centers. The bed usually is at the back and can also serve as a dinette during the day. The side holds the mini-fridge, a stove, and a sink.


  • They are easy to drive
  • They are flexible fitting to most driveways and can also be used as a second car for the family
  • It’s better in fuel economy
  • They can be parked at any location due to their size


  • They lack most amenities of larger RVs
  • Limited space for movement and storage
  • It is designed for two occupants

Class C RV

Class C RV Description

These motorhomes are built with cabin chassis and have an overhang that rests over the cabin. The overhang is usually the sleeping area providing more space for the kitchen, living room and bathroom. Hence, the RV is in a position of accommodating up to 6 to 8 people comfortably while traveling.

The frames of the truck are sometimes extended creating more space at its back that can accommodate a bed. Compared to class B RVs, the bathrooms are relatively larger with shower stand different from the toilet. There is plenty of space providing storage for various cupboards and compartments outside. These vehicles are significant competitors of class A and B recreational vehicles.

Advantages of Class C RVs

  • Space- the vehicle offers adequate space to store various items while on travel. Unlike class B vehicles, they can accommodate up to eight people at a time making it suitable for long vacations and camps.
  • It can tow a separate car making it ideal for more large families.
  • Fuel efficiency– its gas and fuel efficiency is categorized between the class A and vehicles.
  • There is a door in the cab apart from the entrance to the motor-home cabin which offers an extra route for quick escape


  • They are too large to fit into a driveway or garage comfortably
  • Its height can limit your access to some campsites