9 reasons to take your kids camping.  Camping is something we thoroughly enjoy as a family. Every time we even mention the possibility of going camping, our kids jump at the opportunity.

Every time we go camping, our kids really enjoyed it. In fact, we all do! Our kids enjoy being outdoors anyway, so camping comes a bit more naturally to them. We used to go camping in our trusty tent but have since upgraded to a small class c motorhome and we enjoy every minute of it. We cook over a campfire, hike and explore the outdoors, have quality family time without a bunch of technological distractions, and make lasting memories with our children.

The days are getting longer, the weather warmer, and we’re ready to get out and camp. There are so many benefits to it and it’s an experience you’ll want to have again and again.

Reason #1 – Nature is much more entertaining than TV or video games

Kids Camping

Kids have way too much screen time now days. Their days often revolve around TV, computers, video games, and handheld devices. The world is passing them, and everyone else, by and no one even notices. Get out into the great outdoors and leave the gadgets behind for a truly fun experience that none of those gadgets can even hope to replicate.

Reason #2 – It’s budget friendly

Children Camping

Hotels are expensive. On the contrast, camping doesn’t cost much at all and camping in a camper is even better than a hotel room! In fact, there are many, many places you can camp for free across the country, even in a trailer. Taking a road trip and going camping is much more budget friendly than staying in pricey hotels while on vacation. You’ll be able to see more and go more often if you camp. What a great way to let your kids see the states without breaking the bank. 

Reason #3 – You can really connect

Kids camping in tent

Social media, smartphones, computers, emails, instantaneous news. They all mean we are connected to what’s going on in the world around us. Yet, we’re all disconnected as a family unit. Staring at the TV, the phone, the iPad. Get outside and your kids will open up and you’ll really start to communicate and become closer and more connected as a family. 

Reason #4 – They grow up too fast

Kids feet

Your kids will be grown and moved away in the blink of an eye. Spend some quality time with them. Rushing around all week to work and get stuff done. Setting up agendas for your next vacation. That’s not what it’s all about. Time stops when you’re camping. It slows down and you can take things in. Kids grow up fast, take the opportunity to slow down and relish the moment. 

Reason #5 – Learning new skills

Child holding rock

Like with everything else in life, in order to become good at something, you need to practice and hone your skills. Your first camping trip may be a disaster, but you’ll definitely be much better on your second one.

Your kids are likely to learn many skills necessary for camping, which will also prove to be useful later in life. They might learn how to recognize edible plants, start a fire, improvise and make do with less. It’s this frugality that is probably one of the most important things a camping holiday teaches the kids.

Reason #6 – The importance of teamwork

kids on hiking trail

There are few experiences that point out the importance of teamwork so clearly like a camping holiday, especially with kids. They’ll have to give you a hand on many occasions, which will make them proud and fill them with a sense of achievement and accomplishment. They’ll also ask for your help sometimes, realizing that not everything can be done in isolation from other people.

Campers are renowned for their willingness to help each other, even perfect strangers. When your kids see how someone they don’t know is helping you and how you’re helping newcomers to the campsite, they’ll realize that striking impromptu friendships is both easy and beneficial.

Reason #7 – Appreciating the small things

camp fire

If you think your kids sometimes (or often, for that matter) behave like spoiled brats, camping can teach them to understand the value of those little things in life. You can’t expect them to appreciate a dry sleeping bed they have at home unless they have experienced sleeping in a sleeping bag on a mat.

Similarly, when it comes to food, they’ll have to realize that you don’t need a three-course meal for dinner, but that you can enjoy some one-pot dish prepared over a small burner or everyone’s favorite marshmallows on a stick. Finally, I bet they’ll learn to appreciate hot showers and flush toilets when you come home.

Reason #8 – It will help them appreciate and enjoy nature

kids hiking up a hill

We could all stand a little more time in nature and a little less time stuffed inside. It helps everyone become a little more connected with their natural surrounds. This can encourage cleaning up and taking care of the planet we call home. It provides an opportunity to see how wonderful and beautiful our natural surroundings really are. Completely unfiltered.

Reason #9 – It’s fun!

kids fishing

It really is fun to go out and camp. There are experiences and memories that you cannot get with any other endeavor. Get out and try it, you’ll be amazed at home much fun you all have and the great memories you’ll make in the process.