Paracord Bracelets – More than just a bracelet

Outdoor adventures can be fun but also dangerous. You never know when you will face an emergency situation.  If you are hiking, fishing, camping, or hunting, you need to be prepared. That is why it is important to always be prepared for possible accidents and other unfortunate events.

One solution is to carry a myriad of emergency and survival tools with you. This is quite challenging as you will be moving around and carrying your activity gear so it helps to pack light. One of the outdoor products I recommend is a Paracord Bracelet.  This is must have for all campers.

Paracord Bracelet

The Paracord Bracelet prepares you for different outdoor situations without making you suffer from the following:

  • Unreliable emergency and survival tools / items
  • Forgetting to bring some of the important tools
  • Expensive survival kits

Today’s paracord bracelets are more than just your basic paracord bracelet.  They have expanded with additional features embedded into the bracelet such as:

  • Mini Knife
  • Compass
  • Fire Starter / Flint
  • Emergency Whistle

You also have the basic core functions of the paracord bracelet itself which is the most important feature.  Paracord bracelets literally have hundreds of uses.

21 Uses of a Paracord Bracelet

  1. Making a shelter with a tarp
  2. Use as a fishing line to catch fish
  3. Sutures
  4. Mend clothing or fabric
  5. Clothes line to dry clothes
  6. Make a splint
  7. Hang items
  8. Shoelaces
  9. Trip line for security
  10. Tourniquet
  11. Tying up a bundle of camping gear
  12. Make a fishing net
  13. Use as a belt to hold up your pants
  14. Use as a rescue line if drowning
  15. Snare / Animal Trap
  16. Trail Markers
  17. Pet Collar / Lease
  18. Tie line for canoe or boat
  19. Sling for broken arm
  20. Pull heavy objects on the ground
  21. Use to assist in climbing a tree

You are a winner with the Paracord Bracelet because of the following reasons:

It enables you to pack light with everything that you could need. You need to be prepared so you need to have the right tools with you. With the Paracord Bracelet, you have a complete survival kit not just for you but even for your companions as well. It is even better because it does not add to the bulk and weight of your baggage.

You can easily wear it as bracelets and you are good to go. Many bracelets have a fire-starting tool to help keep you warm and give you light which is definitely better than rubbing two stones or two sticks together, a compass to point you to the right direction anytime you need it, a loud whistle so you can easily call for help or send a warning, an emergency knife for cutting different things, and exceptionally durable 10 to 12 feet paracord to help you in a bind.

Paracord bracelets are designed to fit you perfectly. There is no need to worry about sizes as this does not exist where the Paracord Bracelet is concerned. The bracelets are a nice fit as you can easily adjust it according to your wrist size for a snug fit. It is also comfortable to wear especially after breaking it in.

Today’s paracord bracelet comes in many fasionable colors. The bright orange easily grabs the attention of other people while a black one blends perfectly with your outfit, no matter what you are wearing.

It is a flexible survival kit. It can serve many other functions including setting up a shelter when you go camping, using it as your fishing line when you go to fishing trips, creating a tourniquet in case of wounds and other injuries that may cause blood loss, marking things that you pass so you will not get lost, as a dental floss to help maintain your dental health, as a clothesline to allow your clothing and gear to dry when they get wet.

Paracord bracelets are a must have for any camper.  These bracelets are cheap and Amazon has several styles that are under $10.  Check them out.  It is well worth the investment.