12 Fun Camping Games

The magical effect of summer and being outdoors camping or Rving makes us all come together to laugh, explore, and even turn off our electronic devices. It is one of the only times where the inner kid in us gets really excited and forget about daily life, and truly be in the moment. All year we look forward those fun camping trips and playing our favorite camping games together.

The best camping games get everyone active, energized, and most importantly, socializing. A lot of the games I mention in this article can be played by anyone; some may be a bit too strenuous or organized for younger kids. However, these camping games are so awesome that even watching can be fun.

So lets get started….12 outdoor camping games that are fun to play with your kids.

#1 Tic-Tac-Toss Camping GameCamping Games - Tic-Tac-Toss

Tic-Tac-Toss is a fun outdoor game that anyone can do! Literally, you can quickly build this game with bed sheets and some duct tape for under $20 and in under 10 minutes. Essentially it is the same rules as Tic-Tac-Toe but you are throwing frisbees at squares instead of deciding where you want to place them.  This game is easy to learn and is based on the simple and traditional, Tic-Tac-Toe.   Your kids will also learn how to throw a frisbee.

#2 Bocce BallBocce Ball

Bocce Ball is one of those camping games you can easily play for hours. Playing in the open areas with roots, divots, trees, squirrel holes, and all types of random obstacles. The bocce ball rules are really simple; essentially you are seeing who can roll their balls closest to a target. At the same time, you are knocking each other out of the way to be the victor.  Even though this will provide hours of fun, it takes up a relative small amount of real estate in the camping van or RV.

Most of us remember playing Bocce Ball while camping or at family events at the local park. The best part about it is that many of us have the same sets that were handed down to us. A good set of Bocce Ball will last for years, so when looking make sure you do not go for a cheap plastic set.

#3 Kan Jam Frisbee Toss GameKanjam Frisbee Toss

Kan Jam is a great frisbee game and is nice to play when you have some open space because you stand approximately 50 feet apart.  Or for the younger kids, you can definitely shorten the distance.  It is a 4 player game where teams take turns throwing a Frisbee towards a garbage can like basket to either hit, land in, or get through the front for an instant win. The fun team aspect is that your partner can deflect the frisbee.

#4 Beersbee or Polish Horseshoesbeersbee

Beersbee (or polish horseshoes) is the Frisbee Pole Game where you essentially try to knock a beer bottle, soda can, or whatever from the top of a pole with stand to place objects. It is a 4-player outdoor drinking game that states in the rules that you need to have a beer handy while playing. This is one of the games that is not meant for all ages, but for the younger party crowd is a big hit. This is definitely a game where you can make up your rules.

#5 Outdoor Ring Toss Outdoor Ring Toss

One of the classic camping games that is fun for people of all ages and abilities. All you have to do is throw one of the rope rings around one of the wooden stakes to score points. It is one of those games that you can easily make for yourself.  Make a simple round rope ring and use a expandable wall coat hanger as your scoring stakes. There are 5 stakes of different points that you throw your rings around.  Beware though as this game can get very competitive.

#6 Kubb or KoobKubb or Koob

Kubb (also known as Koob) or Viking Chess is an outdoor toss game where you throw wooden mallets at your competitor’s pieces. It is one of the more complicated games and I recommend you google the rules of Kubb.  This game brings strategy and athletics to an outdoor game. You need a large area, some time to play (is typically 45+ minutes per game), and meant for players 13+.

#7 RollersRollers Game

Rollors is a great camping game for Kids, Groups of All Ages & Families – It provides hours of family fun and entertainment! This modernized yard game is key to bringing the excitement to all of your tailgating parties, backyard barbecues, summer camp activity days, park picnics, camping excursions, beach vacations and so much more.

Rollers combines game elements of horseshoes, bocce ball, and bowling.  The goal is to roll a round wooden disk to a base.  Scoring is similar to horseshoes but each disk has a numerical value (1 to 6) that determines your score.  The bowling element is that not all rolls will roll straight and a good roller can move the disk left or right for strategic purposes.

#8 – Spikeballspikeball

Spikeball is a competitive and active backyard, beach, or camping game. It is a 4-player game that requires hand eye coordination, lots of running and jumping, and cannot be played with a beverage in hand. It is meant for a participant 13+ that loves to run and jump.  Best explained like reverse hand volleyball.  That probably makes no sense so I recommend you google the rules of Spikeball.  All you need to know is it’s awesome and fun.

#9 Pass the Watergames - pass the water

This game is PERFECT for camping, because chances are, you already have a stack of plastic solo cups with you!  Line the kids up in a single file line, and give them each a cup.  The person at the front of the line gets their cup filled with water, and then they have to dump in behind their back, trusting the person behind them to catch as much of the falling water as they can in their cup.  It’s so fun at the end of the line to see how much water actually made it in the cup, and how much ended up on the kids!

#10 Fling a RingGames - Fling a Ring

Fling a Ring is a great camping game for kids because it’s very portable, easy to learn, and fun.  Fling a Ring is like a combination of horseshoes and frisbee golf. Instead of throwing heavy horseshoes you throw an almost Ninja Like Star that wraps around a pole inserted into the ground. You do not need to dig a deep pit and in actuality, it is quite easy to stick the flag in sod. The Fling a Ring are simple and teach kids scoring and theories like Frisbee Golf. After several throws, your kids should quickly get the hang of the throw and will soon get it around the pole. This game is guaranteed to be a ringer of a game for your next camping or RV outing.

#11 Parachute PlayParachute Play

Did you know there are over 100 games you can play with a parachute?  It is one of those games that all kids love, and helps them meet new friends. Something about the massive colors and mushroom shaped design has kids running from all over the campground. Whether you are just trying to roll a ball throw the middle, playing parachute volleyball or popcorn, the games are endless. Plus, when your kids are done playing with it, many of them just want to sit and lay on it.

#12 Obstacle CourseObstacle Course

This ranks up there as one of the favorites of our camping games for kids. This makes parents and kids happy because it’s fun, it’s unique and it burns energy! This particular game could be changed up based on what you brought with you or what is available at the park, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

    • Crawl over the picnic table
    • Do 10 jumping jacks
    • Run to the third campsite and back (without going through them, of course!)
    • Hop on one foot
    • Jump over the cups
    • Kick a ball a specified distance
    • Walk backwards
    • And so on …